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Our menu is mainly based on fish, the fresh products come directly from our sea, and we also serve the real queen of the Algherese table, particularly appreciated in its typical recipe: the Catalan lobster. We also offer the typical dishes of the Sardinian cuisine, the traditional porcetto with a strong myrtle aroma, cooked in the oven as in the ancient recipe of the shepherds, the handmade culurgiones, and the high quality meat and cheese.


Antipasti ristorante Angedras ad Alghero - Polpette di tonno


Our raw seafood selection and conquillages (raw seafood, “Fine de Claire” oysters, tuna tartare and red prawns ) – 25
Seafood selection, seven tastings of local sea starters – 20
Raw prawns on a roasted artichoke cream with buffalo mozzarella foam and cherry tomatoes confit – 13
Creamed salt cod with a potatoes cream, parsley sauce
and anchovy-bread – 10
Roast octopus with purée of chickpeas, chards with garlic
and rosemary-scented oil – 10
” Beccafico 1 ” tuna fishballs with tomato gazpacho – 10
Spicy mussels soup with fresh tomato , basil and croutons – 10
Caviar of roast egg plants pulp with basil focaccia bread, cream of smoked ricotta cheese and candied tomatoes (V) – 9
Roasted pecorino cheese on a sheet of carasau flatbread and raw Sardinian ham – 10
Selection of Sardinian cold cuts with cheeses – 11



Spaghetti with fresh local lobster – 25
Tagliolini infused with citrus and served with grey mullet roe and creamed “Granglona di Nulvi” pecorino cheese – 14
Paccheri with cuttlefish ragout, mushrooms and crunchy chards – 14
Squid ink homemade tagliolini with red prawn tartare, wild asparagus on a mussels cream – 14
Homemade caserecce with saffron, grilled tuna belly, fresh broad beans, chopped dried tomato , capers and olives – 14
Homemade spaghetti chitarra with marinated sardines, grey mullet
roe , wild fennel, pinenuts , raisin and toasted bread flavoured with – 10
“Maccarones de punzu” handmade Sardinian pasta with lamb ragout flavoured with fennel and smoked ricotta cheese – 11
Traditional handmade potatoes and mint-filled ravioli with fresh tomatoes , pecorino cheese and basil (V) – 12

Primi piatti ristorante Angedras - Spaghetti alla Bottarga


Aragosta alla catalana - Risotrante Angedras ad Alghero


Traditional spicy fish soup from Alghero – 16
Traditional Catalan style local lobster (served with tomato and red onion) – hg 14
Grilled local lobster with baby greens and citrus oil – hg 14
Catch of the day each 100 grams John Dory, Gilthead Bream, Gurnand, Sea Bass, Pink Sea Bream – hg 6
Breaded swordfish fillet with olives, broccoli puree and mussels stew – 16
Tempura of prawns and zucchini with a ginger sauce – 15
Grilled fish of the day with parsley sauce and mixed salad (swordfish, squids, prawn) – hg 5



Crispy suckling pig and its livers, caramelized belgian endive
and pecorino cheese drops – 25
Braised mutton in a cannonau wine reduction with a celeriac puree and celery – 15
Beef sirloin with herbs, mushrooms, crispy leeks and cannonau wine reduction – 18

Mixed Salad – 5
Grilled Vegetables – 5
Oven roasted potatoes with rosemary – 5

Secondi piatti di carne - Ristorante Angedras ad Alghero


I dolci del ristorante Angedras ad Alghero


Selection of cheeses and their pairings – 10
Catalan cream foam, creamy cardamom, coffee and green apple sorbet – 7
Extra dark chocolate cupcake, with vanille ice-cream
and passion fruit sauce – 7
White chocolate mousse, pistachio ice cream, crumbled almonds, lemon and strawberries – 7
“Angedras” Tiramisù, mascarpone cheese balls stuffed with coffee cream and pink grapefruit sorbet – 7
Fluffy chocolate cake with fresh fruit sorbet – 7
Traditional Sardinian deep fried pastry filled with cheese , drizzled
with Sardinian honey – 6
Our sorbets – 5
Traditional milk cake from Alghero – 5
Traditional Sardinian sweets made by mum Maria Antonietta – 5



The Catalan lobster is a typical dish of the Alghero tradition, cooked and served ad hoc for our guests. From being the queen of the sea, it becomes the queen of our menu. At the Angedras Restaurant in Alghero, you will find only the most exquisite lobster, fished in the Mediterranean Sea.

Dove mangiare aragosta alla catalana ad Alghero - Ristorante Angedras


We have selected regional and national wine brands of excellence with the aim of offering a first-class wine list, expertly designed to accompany our typical menus.