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The city of Alghero, immersed in a beautiful natural setting, is located along the north-west coast of Sardinia, better known as Riviera del Corallo. When you visit Alghero, you let yourself be captured by the extraordinary beauty of this town of Catalan origin and by the culture of flavours that every day makes its way on the tables of restaurants like Angedras. Alghero (known as Barceloneta, the little Barcelona) is the fourth largest city in Sardinia and is one of the main gates of Sardinian tourism.

Angedras Restaurant


Angedras Restaurant


Angedras Restaurant


Il centro storico di Alghero tra sapori e cultura - Ristorante Angedras


The city of Alghero is one of the few centres in Italy with almost intact ancient walls and towers, which have been built centuries before. Today, its bastions dedicated to the great navigators, Columbus, Pigafetta, Magellan and Marco Polo, have become a picturesque walk. The restaurant Angedras is located right in the heart of the historic centre of Alghero, on the Marco Polo Bastions, the ancient city walls.
High and mighty medieval walls, dotted with seven towers: the Muralla, as the Algherese people and the most faithful tourists call it, is still today one of the most fascinating and characteristic places in the city. A balcony overlooking the sea in the Gulf of Alghero, the ideal place for relaxing walks, aperitifs at sunset and outdoor dinners during the long Alghero summer season.

The Angedras Restaurant on the Bastions of Alghero, with its terrace overlooking the sea, offers its guests the spectacular view of this landscape: the walk along the walls, the sea and the view of the Gulf, the promontory of Capo Caccia on the horizon, the faithful reconstruction of the ancient catapults in defence of the stronghold.


Alghero has a very varied natural landscape, which deserves to be discovered little by little. Very often, it could also be enough to try to venture on unknown roads, to realize the heterogeneity of the scenarios and backgrounds.

At the Alguer, you can find beaches with fine and white sand, cliffs with flat or very jagged stones and the famous cliffs overlooking the sea that frame the typical Alghero promenade. This is the context of the Angedras restaurant, with its typical dishes of the Alghero tradition, among which the Catalan lobster reigns.

The promontory of Capo Caccia and its belvedere, one of the most important natural sites in the area, deserve special mention. Recently, the natural marine protected area of Capo Caccia Isola Piana has been built, a portion of the great ecosystem of the Porto Conte Park, of which it has been part since 2002. This area includes the bay of Porto Conte and the section between Punta Giglio and Capo Caccia. In this space, it is possible to know and visit various archaeological and natural sites, such as the Green Cave, the Prisons, the nuragic complexes and the Roman remains, without forgetting the Caves of Neptune.

Le migliori spiagge ad Alghero - Ristorante Angedras


For those who love the beach and enjoy comfortable places, two stops that they cannot miss are Bombarde and Il Lazzaretto, a small piece of paradise, a few steps away from the centre of Alghero. Here you can find fresh and clear water, fine white sand even in the sea, surrounded by a lush pine forest as well as a variety of services for all your needs.

Two other popular beaches are undoubtedly Mugoni and La Stalla, a long stretch of fine sand with a privileged view of Capo Caccia. One of the strengths of these beaches is represented by the large pine forest behind. Here, too, you can find many different services.

The main beach of Alghero is the Lido di San Giovanni, in the centre of the city, for those who want to move by foot. We are talking about an area about 3 km long and rather wide, also suitable for children.

Continuing along the shore, we find the beach of Maria Pia, also characterized by a lush pine forest. The main strength of this beach is its proximity to the city; in fact, you can get there in an hour’s walk from the historic centre, or more comfortably by bike thanks to the bike path.

If we move to the area of Porto Conte, we arrive at Cala Dragunara, a small beach with fine golden sand. The water is clear, but the small size of the beach does not allow you to place more than twenty beach umbrellas. The excursions to the Caves of Neptune start from the pier that divides the beach in half. A key point is undoubtedly the free parking, even if the access road is unpaved.

If you love surfing and less crowded beaches, there is Porto Ferro, a huge area of beach with orange sand and a rough sea. All of which is adorned with a spectacular sunset.

Finally, we recommend the beach of Porticciolo, at Capo Caccia, which is located in a small bay overlooked by the Torre Del Porticciolo, an Aragonese tower. It is a beach preferred by those who feel more dynamic. The descent to the sea is steep and uncomfortable and even the entry into the water can be difficult from the rocks. The view will repay all the efforts./


Alghero is a fascinating city with a culinary tradition of all respect. So what are the typical dishes of Alghero’s cuisine? Let us discover them together.

Let’s start with the queen of Alghero’s tables, the prestigious Catalan lobster, laid on a bed of onion and tomatoes cut thinly and sprinkled with a sauce of oil, vinegar, lemon and black pepper. To enjoy it as tradition dictates, all you have to do is book a table at the Angedras restaurant.

The Copatza or Cassola de Peix, a Fish Soup prepared with fresh fish of different species and enriched with spices such as chili pepper. Among the typical specialties of Alghero, there are also the Paella algherese, the blogamarì (sea urchin) and the agliata.

If you want to know how a full lunch or a dinner in a restaurant in Alghero (such as the restaurant Angedras) are like, you cannot help but taste two traditional desserts. This is where Catalan cream and seadas make their appearance.

Would you like to know where to eat a good dish of fish in Alghero?
Would you like to taste the real and typical Catalan lobster, cooked and served ad hoc for our guests? Would you like to taste a typical dish of Sardinian and Alghero cuisine? The answer is always restaurant Angedras.

Aragosta alla catalana ad Alghero - Ristorante Angedras