Authentic recipes of Alghero and Sardinia served up in the heart of the "Coral Riviera".

Our dedication to selecting and using the finest ingredients that our island has to offer allows us to create menus that are very much informed by the changing of the seasons, as we strive to come up with new takes on the local gastronomic traditions.

Our fish-based menus use only the freshest locally caught ingredients. On this part of the island, the seafood dish par excellence is undoubtedly aragosta alla catalana (Catalan-style lobster).

Other typically Sardinian dishes that we serve up include porcetto al profumo di mirto (roast suckling pig fragranced with myrtle), which we cook in the oven to a time-honoured shepherds' recipe, hand-made culurgiones (ravioli), and wonderful cold meats and cheeses.

Our approach is based on our original combination of the produce and flavours offered up by our part of the world: each dish encapsulates a very particular link with the local area. We put our own spin on ancient recipes to let you experience the best in Sardinian and Mediterranean cuisine.