Angedras Restaurant: an oasis of taste on the Bastions of Alghero.

The sheer bastions on the coast at Alghero, the flavours and aromas of authentic Sardinian cuisine, the exclusive, warm and cordial atmosphere – all in all, there's always a good reason to stop for a bite at the Angedras Restaurant.

Sardinia: this is our starting point as we guide you on a voyage of discovery of our authentic cuisine and of a tradition that is renewed day after day, thanks to our chef's unrivalled creativity and expertise.

Delicious dishes with delicately balanced flavours, aromas and colours: haute cuisine to charm your palate and delight your senses.

Angedras Restaurant is located in the very heart of the oldest part of Alghero, on the Bastioni Marco Polo – a section of the ancient city walls.
Alguer, to give it its widely used Catalan name, is one of the most important examples of a fortified settlement to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean.
Its bastions – known as Cristoforo Colombo, Marco Polo, Pigafetta, Magellano and della Maddalena – mark out the perimeter of the old town: these soaring, imposing Mediaeval ramparts, studded with a total of seven towers, constituted the city's main defence against incursions by sea.

     The Muralla, as the locals call the defensive system, remains one of the most fascinating places within the city, serving as a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Alghero. It is the ideal place for relaxing strolls, aperitifs at sunset and alfresco dining during the long summer season: the particularly mild climate, which keeps the city pleasantly warm throughout almost the entire year, makes it possible to enjoy this magnificent panorama in every season.

The Bastioni Marco Polo extend from the "Torre dei Cani o di San Giacomo" (Tower of Dogs or Tower of St James) and reach all the way to the old hospital. Angedras Restaurant, with its open-air, sea-view terrace, shares this spectacular landscape with its diners. A walk along the walls takes in not only the gulf but also the Capo Caccia promontory on the horizon, as well as the faithful reconstruction of the ancient catapults that once defended the fortress.

Just a short distance from the Restaurant, Via Cavour and the narrow, cobbled alleys of the old part of town lead to Piazza del Duomo and Piazza Civica, which is very much the city's “gathering place”. It is from here that the traditional carrer (streets) make their way through the historical centre of Alghero, leading to the ports that connected the old town with the sea and with the immediate hinterland. The city's main streets are lined with impressive monuments and buildings; thanks to the churches, the palazzos of the old aristocratic families, the Teatro Civico (Civic Theatre) and the quaint squares, every corner of the city has a vibrant story to tell.